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Three Song Set: Eleven. R&M

For the final installment in Season 1 of hq’s Three Song Set series we are joined by Pilot Rock-based musicians Garrett Randolph and Brian Mandella, performing three tracks off of their 2020 Album American Spirits.

The Artists in their own words:

R&M started when we met in the fourth grade. Similar life stories, we grew to become close friends and band mates. We wanted to write songs before we could play any instruments. At 15 we both begged our parents for guitars, and it wasn’t long before we stumbled on the Am chord. We had our first song that day, “Time is on the Run”.

When people ask, “what is R&M about?” We generally have one thing in mind. R&M is an entity, something that exists because it must. In the beginning, there was man, and with man came thought and language; thus, the story-tellers were born. “Transport your mind” and become the story. Climb aboard The Captain’s ship, and it will take you on a journey. We provide the canvas, you paint the story.

As always, thank you to our series sponsors: Ten Depot Street, Side A Brewing, Eastern Oregon Film Festival, Christ Church, Blue Summit Realty Group, and La Grande Life! We couldn’t do this without your support!

Track One: ‘Left Along the Cotton Belt’ – American Spirits(2020)

Track Two: ‘Song for Inabell’ – American Spirits(2020)

Track Three: ‘Dead Man’s Lungs’ – American Spirits(2020)

Find more R&M music at their website and on Apple music. Thanks for watching!

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