Program Support Advertising

hq is looking for businesses and organizations to support ongoing cultural programming by advertising placement in our two window displays and throughout our online presence.

  • You will receive your logo on a static slide in our rotation acknowledging your support of cultural programming in our downtown La Grande.
  • Your logo will be noted on a SUPPORT banner on website & social media (where applicable)
  • You will receive a “We support cultural programming @ hq” graphic to use for your marketing purposes.
  • Slide will run ongoing beginning April 1. Minimum three-month duration
  • Logo dimension: 300px X 300px

IN 2018 hq hosted 23 events, made the space available to 12 private events, partnered with Eastern Oregon University and served nearly 2000 people across those events. NOT TO MENTION being headquarters to Eastern Oregon Film Festival’s NINTH ANNUAL EVENT which hosted 8 independent events throughout the weekend and served over 400 people. With these exciting numbers coupled with pedestrian and vehicle traffic we provide a great opportunity to reach our community with your message.

Three-month minimum commitment. — $75.
Discounted for remainder 2019. — $175.

EMAIL: or call Christopher Jennings at 541.962.5799 to add your business to the list of supporting businesses.

2009 is off to a great start and we look forward to growing audience in our downtown.