An exploration on taking action through emotion and the inputs that contribute to a rich context, informing nuance in the final output, decision, action.

HQ co-owner and EOFF director / media maker Christopher Jennings has been using the space, while it has been shutdown due to Covid, to create a series of media pieces while creating an installation for public exhibition, when the time comes. The effort not only is to push himself to output something personal, and make it available but to use this series as a way to help raise funds to keep HQ floating while we work through the current pandemic. Purchasing one, or all, of these limited edition prints directly help to perpetuate HQ’s mission to be a home to new local, regional, and visiting artists.

‘Thought & Input Cascade’ – Christopher Jennings – 2020
18″ x 34″
$450.00 (1 Available)

The full composition #1.