Art Center East Writing Project

Reading by Mary Emerick

Date: June 15, 2022
Location: HQ, 112 Depot Street, La Grande, Oregon and Zoom (hybrid event)

Mary Emerick is the author of three books: The Geography of Water, a novel; Fire in the Heart, a memoir of wildland firefighting; and the Last Layer of the Ocean: Kayaking through Love and Loss on Alaska’s Wild Coast. She has also published nature-based essays in anthologies and journals. She lives in Joseph, Oregon, and escapes into the mountains as often as she can.

Book summary: The Last Layer of the Ocean is a memoir of seven years spent as a wilderness kayak ranger in Southeast Alaska, navigating through stormy seas and a troubled marriage. Under the backdrop of a turbulent and beautiful landscape, a non-swimmer afraid of bears learns to survive.

photo by Talia Filipek

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